Innovative technology, real-world results

If you want to live better for longer, you need the best tech. At Vidavii, we take pride in the fact that all our machines feature groundbreaking tech that takes wellness to the next level.

The 3D scanning technology we use at Vidavii is from Scaneca. Created in partnership with Humboldt University of Berlin, this innovative 3D Body Scanner is contactless and guaranteed to be accurate.

In next to no time, this cutting-edge scanner takes a complete scan of your body. The scanner measures the circumferences of key parts of your body (thighs, arms, neck, etc.) as well as your BMI and your hip-waist ratio. The data is analysed and used to create a digital avatar – this is a great way for you to track your progress and see the results of the circuit for yourself.

What we call the ‘breathe’ component of the Vidavii circuit is technically called the Infrared Light & Ionised Oxygen Chamber, and was created by a leading German company called The Art of Cryo. There are six parts to this system – the ‘six-sense principle’ – which come together to reboot your body and soul.

Let’s break down each part. (And, don’t worry, you don’t need a Ph.D. to understand the technology behind each of them.)

  • Chromatherapy

    The psychological and physical significance of colour has long been understood, but here it comes into the digital age. Blue light, for instance, has a stabling and calming effect and helps with sleep patterns, cell vitality, inflammation and healing, among other benefits. Red light impacts metabolism, boosts performance and helps cut down cellulite. Green light has a calming and refreshing effect, ideal for combating stress and depression.

  • Ionisation

    Did you know your body only metabolises about 21% of the oxygen we breathe? Did you also know that, as we age, the amount of metabolised oxygen drops? But, fear not, we can conquer nature. We don’t need more oxygen, we need better oxygen – and that’s what ionisation is all about.

  • Deep infrared light

    If you’ve ever used a heating pad on an injury or enjoyed a nice hot bath after a workout, you already know how much your body benefits from heat. Here, heat helps with your metabolism, your circulation and muscle tension.

  • Aromatherapy

    Three fragrances, countless benefits. You can choose from ice mint for mental freshness, new forest for its stimulating effect on the nervous system and jungle flower with its revitalising and calming effect (depending on your mood).

  • Audio neurostimulation

    We all know how music impacts us. Or how loud noises or certain sounds can affect our mood. Here, we use natural rhythms and sounds, alongside colours to soothe and calm.

  • Thermal effects

    Thermics is all about heat and energy. Starting from the head down, you’ll feel an increase in alertness, among other benefits.

You’ve heard people talk about going with the flow. Well, our Flow System redefines this. At Vidavii, it means our touchless continuous alternating pressure wave treatment.

OK, that’s a bit of a mouthful. So, what does it mean? And more importantly, how does it make you feel amazing?

The very latest technology from the Art of Cryo, and first of its kind in the world this futuristic machine is designed to optimise flow in your cardiovascular, venous and lymphatic systems. That means wellbeing, regeneration and performance boosts for your mind and your body. 

With a programme calibrated for your exact needs, our Flow System alternates between underpressure and overpressure. It’s a wonderfully calming sensation that’ll make you feel rejuvenated, refreshed, ready to tackle anything.

It may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the cryo chamber from Art of Cryo is a real thing – and you won't believe the instant, short-term and long-term benefits it can have.

Like all aspects of the Vidavii circuit, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Each part of the circuit is tailored to your specific needs. So when you step into the cold, you know that it’s right for you and your body.

The list of potential effects could fill a textbook, but the main ones are stress management, improvement in sleep patterns, boosting your immune system and increased libido and endurance.

Imagine floating almost weightlessly as warm water jets massage your whole body. That’s the feeling dry water massage technology delivers. The warmth and gentle power of the water loosens your muscles and works deep into your tissue. There is nothing better for back pain or sore necks or other aches and pains you may have.

Did we mention that this massage from the brand Wellsystem is entirely contactless? That makes it not only super hygienic but a great alternative to manual massage.

(To be honest, words cannot do justice to the incredible feeling of this technology. You’ll have to try it for yourself.)