Wellness meets tech meets you

Welcome to Vidavii®, London’s first tech-based wellbeing circuit. 

We bring scientifically proven methods of recovery, healing and rejuvenation into the digital age – helping you live better, for longer. It’s not magic, it’s science.
(Although when you experience it for yourself, you might think it’s a little bit magic too).

See the Vidavii circuit in action

Uniquely at Vidavii

  • A first for the UK

    The country’s very first technology-based innovative wellbeing circuit (30 mins)

  • Services you can’t get elsewhere

    The only place in London with 3D body scanning and progress tracking through a dedicated app.

  • Unique in the world

    Home to the world’s first carbon fibre flow system with touchless continuous alternating wave treatment.

  • A truly holistic approach

    Partnered with health experts in the fields of hormonal treatment, vitamin infusions, beauty and aesthetics and more.

Meet Vidavii

A circuit that combines 3 different treatments in just 30 minutes

Unlock your Vidavii

Technology you can trust, results you can feel.

Discover Vidavii

Experience wellbeing, relaxation and energy

Proven, innovative technology

The Vidavii circuit involves three main stages: Breathe, Squeeze and Freeze. In addition, there’s a pre-stage, the 3D Body Scan, which lets you track your progress by creating a digital avatar and analysing various body measurements such as BMI, weight and hip-waist ratio.

The circuit takes just 30 minutes to complete. And it uses the very latest technology to provide a holistic experience. Sure, each of the devices – the Lymphatic Flow System (lymphatic drainage), the Whole body Cryotherapy (cryo chamber), the Infrared and Ionised Oxygen Chamber (multi-cryo hacking system) – could be used alone. But when used together, the benefits truly add up.

The circuit in a nutshell

Discover more about each stage of the Vidavii circuit and learn how it can have an incredible impact on your mind, body and soul. After all, you deserve to feel amazing, every single day.

How it works

Scan: The latest in 3D body measurement

Step onto our scanner and download the app to track your ongoing progress towards your goals – see and feel the impact of Vidavii.

Breathe: Far Infrared and Ionised Oxygen Chamber

Soak in the goodness of infrared light to kickstart the body’s natural healing, ionised oxygen and aromatherapy to improve health and overall wellbeing.

Squeeze: World’s first carbon fibre flow system with touchless continuous alternating wave treatment

This little beauty flows with positive and negative pressure, detoxifying and body shaping, getting rid of that pesky water weight and dramatically improving your circulation. Yes, please!

Freeze: Innovative Whole Body Cryotherapy

Feel the Vidavii in our whole body cryotherapy chamber at -85C (so cold, but so worth it!!). It’s proven to help reduce pain, inflammation and anxiety, promote sports recovery, performance and weight loss, slow skin ageing and so much more.