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Breathe | Infrared light and ionised oxygen chamber

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Revolutionise your wellbeing in just 8 minutes

The Breathe stage of the Vidavii circuit – the Infrared Light & Ionised Oxygen Chamber – combines various therapy methods: LED light therapy, negative ions and ionised oxygen plus heat therapy. Lasting only 8 minutes, Vidavii Breathe has a significant effect on your body and mind.

Breathe: Revolutionising wellbeing with cutting-edge techniques

  • A unique combination of LED light therapy, negative ions with oxygen and heat therapy
  • Offers countless health benefits and improves wellbeing
The Breathe experience

Eight minutes to achieve deep relaxation: a quick and effective treatment

Unparalleled benefits

The power of LED light therapy

  • Helps revitalise and rejuvenate your skin 
  • Boosts blood flow and collagen production
  • Relieves of muscle and joint pain
  • Improves of skin tone and texture
  • Effectively treats skin conditions
  • Accelerates the recovery processes

The benefits of negative ions and oxygen therapy

  • Accelerates uptake of oxygen
  • Improves your body’s use of oxygen 
  • Stabilises the function of cells

Heat therapy = deeply relaxation

  • Great for arthritis, muscle tension and chronic inflammation
  • Can help improve sleep through relaxation

Promoting holistic health

  • Stimulates cell activity and boosts metabolism
  • Increases energy production in the body
  • Improves organ function through optimised oxygen supply
Before you book an appointment with us

Considering your health and safety is our top priority, here are some important considerations before you book an appointment with us:

  1. Claustrophobia: Severe cases may find the enclosed space of the cold chamber overwhelming.
  2. Raynaud's Syndrome: If you have cold sensitivity, the symptoms could be exacerbated.
  3. Heart Conditions: Including heart disease or severe heart problems, require a doctor’s consultation before considering cryotherapy.
  4. Blood Pressure Issues: Those with untreated or uncontrolled high blood pressure should avoid the cold chamber.
  5. Cold Sensitivity/Allergy: If you're especially sensitive to cold, it’s best to steer clear.
  6. Infections: Skip cryotherapy if you’re dealing with acute infections or fever.
  7. Neurological Conditions: Consult with a doctor if you have conditions like multiple sclerosis.
  8. Pregnancy: It's advised for pregnant women to refrain from cryotherapy.
  9. Stent Implants: If you have implants, please wait 2 years post-implantation and consult your doctor.
  10. Acute Thrombophlebitis: To minimize the risk, consultation is required.
  11. Kidney Issues: Those with acute or severe kidney diseases should avoid this treatment.
  12. Tumor Diseases: A doctor’s consultation is crucial, particularly if lymph nodes are affected.
  13. Thromboembolism/Blood Clots: Consult your doctor due to potential risks with lymphatic drainage.

Breathe - Infrared light and ionised oxygen chamber specifics:

  • Not recommended for acute inflammatory conditions, joint inflammation attacks, febrile infections, shortness of breath, hypotension, or heart failure due to risks associated with heat and inflammation intensification.

These guidelines ensure that all our clients can enjoy the benefits of our services safely and effectively. If you have any of the conditions mentioned above or other health concerns, please consult with your healthcare provider before booking. Your wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us.

Weight and age restrictions:

  • Weight Limits: The maximum body weight for the Flow System is 120kg, our scan allows up to 170kg, while for MCS and the cryo chamber, the base plate can accommodate up to 200kg.
  • Age Requirement: The minimum age for our services is 15 years. Minors must either be accompanied by their parents or have parental consent.

    Breathe | Infrared light and ionised oxygen chamber - Vidavii