Your health, at your fingertips

Once you get your 3D scan, you can use our app to keep an eye on all the progress you’re making scan to scan.

By seeing the changes in your avatar – and by giving us the chance to fully analyse your BMI, your posture and your hip-waist ratio – you can be assured that you are getting treatment that is precisely tailored to your individual needs.

Check out all the things cold can do

  • Boost your metabolism:

    This can increase the speed your body burns calories, a big help for weight management.

  • Improved circulation:

    Getting your blood flowing more easily promotes overall cardiovascular health.

  • Pain relief and anti-inflammation:

    Ideal for treatment of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other inflammatory diseases.

  • Strengthened immune system:

    Enhance your body’s natural defences by increasing the production of white blood cells and through cytokine modulation.

  • Faster muscle recovery:

    Help sore muscles and injuries heal more quickly.