How the Vidavii circuit works

The Vidavii circuit consists of three machines: the Far Infrared & Ionised Oxygen Chamber (Breathe), Whole Body Cryotherapy (Freeze) and the Lymphatic Flow System (Squeeze). 

The idea is that during each session (30 minutes a pop) you will experience all three of these. However, during your first visit (and at various stages throughout your wellness journey), you will also have a 3D body scan (Scan). By creating a digital avatar of your body shape, proportions and posture and by analysing vital health data, we can better tailor your experience and you can track progress against your goals.

  • The Vidavii circuit

  • Scan

  • Breathe

  • Squeeze

  • Freeze

Unleash your potential

Thanks to the 3D scanning technology and the RemediCool app, you can easily track your progress and measure your performance. You’ll be able to track improvements to your weight, your BMI, your fat-free mass, your hip-waist ratio and your posture.

Infrared & Ionised Oxygen Chamber

Next up in your circuit is what we call the Infrared & Ionised Oxygen Chamber. Which is a fancy way of saying you’ll enjoy about 8 minutes of heat, light and aromatherapy – all at the same time. Trust us, it’s quite the experience.

This chamber can be precisely adjusted to your unique needs – you choose the programme that suits you best.

The Lymphatic Flow System

This next part of the Vidavii circuit also takes just 8 minutes and involves highly efficient mechanical lymphatic drainage. 

If it sounds like we’ve made that up, let us explain: this is a gentle form of massage designed to relieve pain and swelling in your arms and legs. What’s more, it helps activate and promote better blood flow, circulation and venous return.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

The final phase of your Vidavii circuit is cryotherapy.

It’s going to be cold: -85C, to be precise. But you are going to feel amazing. Exposure to cold stimuli for short periods of time has been proven to do your body good in countless ways. (When you’re in the ‘cryo chamber’, you’ll wear just your underwear, gloves, a face mask and, if you want, a hat).

Multiple techniques = multiplied effects

What the Vidavii circuit can do for your body and mind

Live healthier – for longer

Our combination of technologies does your body and mind a whole lot of good. It’ll boost your metabolism, increase longevity and promote hormonal health. It’ll get your lymphatic system going by flushing out all those nasty toxins. And it’ll help give ageing the old heave-ho by lowering the type of stress that tends to affect your mind and skin.

Less stress – more performance

We get it. Modern life can be tough. How do you achieve the optimal work/life balance? How do you avoid the stress, anxiety and possible burnout so common in high achievers like you? And, arguably most important of all, how do you get the physical and mental edge you’re looking for? 

Add to that the fact that we’re all constantly bombarded by messaging to do this or don’t do that, eat less of this, try more of that, etc. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

While we don’t claim to have all the answers or all the solutions, we can assure you that when you unlock your Vidavii, you will feel better right away. Even one session is enough to make you notice a drop in your stress levels and that sense that your mind and body are more in sync.

It probably goes without saying, but the more 30-minute sessions you do, the better you’re going to feel. Life, so they say, is a journey not a destination. The same applies here. 

It’s your life. It’s time to take charge.

Shape & slim your body

The circuit reduces belly fat and promotes body shaping. Plus, it strengthens your connective tissue and that promotes anti-aging (that’s the lymphatic drainage we talked about earlier). Our ‘Squeeze’ machine, meanwhile, massages the blood vessels with positive and negative pressure. The result? Improved circulation and a ‘See ya later’ to any of that pesky water weight.

Recover faster & relieve pain

If you’re like most of us, you spend a lot of time sitting – at your deck, on the tube, in front of the ‘other’ tube. One of the byproducts of all that sitting can be back pain, especially lower back pain. And you can add poor posture too. 

The Vidavii circuit can help. If you can spare 30 minutes, you’ll reap a host of benefits. Imagine faster recovery from workouts and reduced pain caused by strenuous activity or age or just plain genetics. Imagine getting that edge you’ve been looking for by recovering more quickly.

The more, the better

It probably goes without saying, but the more 30-minute sessions you do, the better you’re going to feel. Life, so they say, is a journey not a destination. The same applies here. 

It’s your life. It’s time to take charge.

The science behind the circuit

Discover just how the Vidavii circuit works

3D body measurement

The first time you come to Vidavii, you’ll step into our innovative 3D Body Scanner. Here, we record a whole host of data points, as well as mapping your body as it is today. This also lets you learn more about your body posture and other important body metrics.

After you’ve got your scan, you won’t need another one for at least a few months. Which means you’ll just Breathe, Squeeze and Freeze when you come back.

(If you’re doing the 21-day programme, you will probably scan again sooner – after all, you want to keep track of all the progress you’re making, right?)

The scan takes a few minutes at most. You step onto the 3D scanner, the machine does its thing and voilà, you can now track your progress through our app (more on that below).

Precision is the name of the game

Our high-tech scanner creates an extremely accurate avatar down to the millimetre. That means we can do a comprehensive posture analysis and precision measurement of your whole body. 

All that data and analysis is loaded into the RemediCool app. That way, you can track even the smallest changes in posture, muscle gain, fat reduction and the waist-hip ratio. The great thing about the app is it gives you access to your data whenever you want, wherever you are.

Oh, did we mention that you can book your next appointment right from the app too? 

  • 3D avatar

  • Circumferences

  • Posture analysis

  • Body fat

A real breath of fresh air

What is it about standing on a beach or by a waterfall or mountain stream that makes us feel so good? Why do we feel that charge, that freshness, whenever a thunderstorm passes? 

It’s no real mystery: it’s fresh air. We get so used to the air of the city we live and work in that we forget what fresh air feels like – how it fills us with a calming, clean feeling. 

And it’s not some make-believe thing, it’s actually science. It’s the negative ions in the air in places like forests, mountaintops or the seaside that have genuine anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Fun fact: a busy street in a city like London will have somewhere around 100 - 300 negative ions/cm3. Compare that to a large waterfall that has anywhere between 10,000 - 50,000 negative ions/cm3. No surprise then when we breathe that country air we feel that it is cleaner and fresher – it’s because it is. And that same clean, fresh air is what you’ll experience in the Ionised Oxygen Chamber.

Stimulate your senses: the power of 6 in 1

  • Light (6 wavelengths of artificial light)

  • Ionisation (15 million ions)

  • Heat (Far infrared heat)

  • Aroma (Aromatherapy with 3 fragrances)

  • Audio neurostimulation

  • Thermal effect

Squeeze | lymphatic flow system - Vidavii

Say goodbye to toxins and bloating

You’ve probably heard a lot about toxins and seen countless products promising to ‘detox’ your body. 

This is exactly what the Vidavii flow system –  the part of the circuit we call ‘Squeeze’ – does. First, a little science: your body’s lymphatic system is what regulates excess waste or fluid or toxins. When that system is clogged, the system can’t function as intended, leading to inflammation, swelling or bloating and even infection.

Which is where lymphatic drainage (or lymphatic massage) comes in.

Jumpstart your lymphatic system

The first time you experience our Lymphatic Flow System (lymphatic drainage), it’s going to feel a little weird. But a few seconds into it you’ll wonder how you’ve lived this long without it! 

In essence, you’re getting what feels like a full-body hug, but better, because it’s a hug that’s activating your lymphatic system.

The results are clear to see. Literally. Your skin will look and feel better. You’ll feel less bloated. And you’ll feel relaxed, as the stresses of your day melt away.

  • Pressure adjusts to meet your unique needs

  • Boosting flow in cardiovascular, venous and lymphatic systems

  • Touchless continuous alternating pressure wave treatment to the lower body

Freeze | cryo chamber - Vidavii

Why cold is the hottest thing right now

A cryo chamber sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. But, we can assure you it’s science fact – and the benefits can be startling.

Cryotherapy, or cold therapy as it’s sometimes called, is designed to reduce pain and relieve inflammation. If you’ve ever had muscle spasms or soreness from over exercising or from sitting weirdly or something similar, you know how unpleasant and debilitating that can be.

During cryotherapy, your blood vessels contract, which reduces blood flow to any areas of pain or discomfort or swelling. This, in turn, helps speed up recovery and decrease pain.

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy

  • Releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine

  • Consistent temperatures of  -85°C

Dry water massage | Wellsystem - Vidavii

Pre- or post-circuit: How does a massage sound?

Ever heard of dry water massage? The positive effects of both water and massage have been known for aeons. But you may not have experienced what that looks like in the 21st century. Thanks to the latest technology (Wave Touch), you will emerge feeling like you’ve never felt before: more relaxed than ever.

All the benefits of hydrotherapy plus all the benefits of deep tissue massage: meet your new favourite form of massage therapy.

  • Relaxing, contactless dry water massage

  • Rainbow colour light therapy for radiant skin

  • Enjoy your own music or our meditative sounds

  • Aromas to transport you into a world of relaxation

Can you put a price on living better for longer?

Find the package that’s right for you

And that’s just the beginning…

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