Feel summer-ready and get real results with Vidavi SummerShape

London’s only technology-based wellbeing circuit brings you the 7-day SummerShape programme – Breathe, Freeze and Squeeze – to look and feel your best for your summer holiday.

What’s included in the 7-day SummerShape programme?

  • 4 Vidavii circuits
  • 3 Cryo sessions
  • 2x 3D body scans

Transform your body, reboot your metabolism and detoxify in just one week

Frequently asked questions

What is the Vidavii SummerShape programme?

The Vidavii SummerShape programme is a 7-day wellbeing programme based on the Vidavii Circuit designed to reshape your body, reboot your metabolism, detoxify, increase lean mass and boost your physical and mental performance. You’ll come every day for 7 days, experience the Vidavii circuit every other day and cryotherapy sessions in between. You’ll also have a 3D body scan at the start and end, so you can see your progress towards that Summer ready you.

What does the programme include?

The programme includes 4 Vidavii circuits over 7 days, 3 cryo sessions and 2 3D body scans to track your progress.

How long does each session take?

Each session is designed to fit into a busy schedule, ensuring you can achieve maximum results in just 30 minutes per circuit. On the days when you have just cryotherapy, your session will take just a few minutes (depending on your personalised time in the whole body cryotherapy chamber).

Is the programme suitable for everyone?

Yes, the programme is designed to be inclusive and beneficial for all individuals looking to improve their wellbeing, however, please check the contraindications list before booking, as some of the therapies are not suitable for those with specific medical conditions.

How can I book the 7-day SummerShape programme?

You can book the programme here, or you can use our live chat for assistance.